Galvanized Candles

Y'all, we are loving these new candles! These have such a cute look and they all smell awesome!! When you get done burning the candle, you have a cute little container as well!

The containers are approx. 5.5" tall (including lid and knob) and 3" diameter across!

Every scent has white soy wax 

Scent Descriptions 

Verbena & Lemon-  woodsy base notes with citrus, but not sour fragrance

Orange Blossom- Bermagot and orange blossom with a hint of floral notes 

Vetiver Fig-  woodsy base notes with bordeaux fig 

Coconut AmberSmells like we should be on a beach somewhere! Coconut, lime with hints of patchouli, and sandalwood

Thyme & Olive Leaf-  base notes of cedarwood, with bergamot, lavender, and thyme