So I had a ton of girls asking me yesterday about the jeans I was wearing so i thought i would share on the blog.  Im not a fashion blogger or have any desire to be....sorry no fancy pictures, just selfies because I've been working by myself.  

First the jeans were sold early last fall.  They are KanCan brand, we carry many different styles of this line.  I have 2 pairs of size 3's on the sale rack if anyone wants them email us.  They were a regular denim flare that i distressed and cut the bottoms off.  Which leads me to my next what works for you!  I'm short and all of my pants end up getting cuffed, cut or altered.  I also like to add my own twist to everything, so the scissors get used a bunch in my closet...just like on these overalls. 

I wore these at Dallas Market and got asked by everyone what brand they were.  WELL I bought them 4 years ago for a costume party joke, i cut them up this spring and have been wearing them a ton and i never thought i would share this but they came from Walmart.  

I love designer pieces as much as I love a bargain and i have no problem blending high end with a steal.  I pair what ever together to give me my own look that makes me feel comfortable.  Were all built different and have our own tastes, so do what works for you!

Ive worn this cardigan multiple times the last week, its light weight and perfect for spring.  Just a few left and you can find them on our sale tab today only.  Also enter code denim to get 20% off your purchase today!

Andrea Glenn



— XNdILAqm



I always thought I was the only one who cut my jeans off due to lack of height, glad to know I’m not!! Those are super cute and you really rock them!

— Madeline Holloway