I would rather spend my time and energy being positive towards others then being negative especially towards other girls.   We should all work on building each other up.

There are some amazing ladies out there who should be “talked about” in a good way.  I have to brag on a dear friend of mine to you all.

So I have this insanely talented friend Joni who happened to be in Plainview over the weekend checking out the farm sale and stopped by the store for a long overdue visit.

Joni and I met in college my senior year when she was a freshmen. We were taking the same summer class and happened to live just a block apart.

Many people from Lubbock or in the industry may recognize her from the company they had for a number of years called Joni & Keith Co.

Besides be a smarty pants and whizzing through college while running a business, she has to be one of the most creative and talented designers I’ve ever met.  Her interior decorating skills are phenomenal, the popular metal art they are so well known for is top notch and her latest adventure of flipping trailers has been just as fabulous.  But what’s most impressive is her genuine sweet soul! She can be decked out with heels on, running a cutting torch or covered in dirt, her sweet smile and contagious laugh makes her a true beauty. I’m blessed to call her a friend!



Cheers to the girls out there doing their own thing, breaking the rules, chasing their dreams and living life!

Andrea Glenn