Meet my Grandma Charlotte, she is my amazing step grandma but we just call her Grandma because that’s what she is. After my Grandpa passed away she has continued to be a big part of our lives. She never misses a birthday and still takes the time to send an encouraging email or note.  Grandma is classy, funny, genuine and just one cool lady all around. I love her!

Growing up Grandma had a store where I got to visit from time to time and even “work” at a few times which consisted of me polishing already polished jewelry (I was young so I’m sure that was the best option).   Over the years I was gifted some wonderful pieces of jewelry and even a Double D Ranchwear vest, all of which I still have….timeless pieces are just that.  The vest may not have fit me at the time but I’m sure glad I hung on to it because it fits now!

I’m so excited to show off the Charlottes Choice Jewelry Collection that will now be available at the store and online.   With many pieces being makers mark stamped and 100% silver, there are some fabulous designs. Numerous trips to New Mexico and Arizona and lots of time and research have gone into the inventory she has put together. While Grandma has retired from the hustle and bustle of a retail store she still has an extensive inventory and was looking for a way to sell the jewelry. I’m honored to work with her and now offer all of her finds to our Rusty Rose customers.

We will have a trunk show this coming Thursday to debut all of the jewelry.  Look for a online category added to the website by the end of the week. I’m excited to bring this caliber of jewelry to our customers!

On a personal note…..and I debated sharing this but it’s been on my heart to share more of my story from time to time. I have been scouting out artisans and sources for a similar collection to put together for the past few years, but it has never felt right. A few weeks ago I was thinking about my Grandpa and Grandma Charlotte and had been praying about some things. I made a note that I needed to set down and write a letter to her to catch up, ask for advice and just tell her how much I appreciated her. Just a few days after that she contacted me….before I ever sent a letter or email. God and His timing are AMAZING . Of course I’m excited about the opportunity to work with her, but the timing and her kind and encouraging words were definitely Gods handiwork and meant so much to me. The power of prayer is an awesome thing.

Andrea Glenn



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