Working out has always been my go to for stress relief. If I am having a bad day, college stress, or just going through something personal there isn’t anything better than going to the gym, putting my headphones in, and zoning the heck out. I think my favorite thing to listen to while I am at the gym is motivational speeches. There is one by Eric Thomas called How Bad Do You Want It, and if I am having a bad day this speech is constantly on repeat when I am at the gym. I promise you, if you are going through something, or you are being challenged by something, or you need to make a challenging decision; listen to this speech and I promise you that you will know the answer that you were searching for by the end of his speech. I challenge anyone struggling with anything to go to their computer, turn their phone off, close your eyes and just listen. There are two parts to his speech and the first one is about 15 minutes long and part 2 is about 5 minutes. If you search for it, just type in Eric Thomas How Bad Do You Want It.  When you are ready for the second part just type in part 2 at the end. This is my go to motivational speech for anything.

Eating 100% healthy has always been my greatest downfall. With college, work, friends, and family it seems like I am constantly on the go and sometimes eating healthy just has not been an option. I have currently decided that I want to take my working out to the next level and start training for a show. I know it is going to be a lot of hard work and meal prepping, but I am determined and excited to see the results. I have currently started a 10 day cleanse to go along with my meal prepping just to get rid of some of the toxins in my body as I start this journey and I must say I already feel so much better. It is crazy how food that is not good for you makes you feel so terrible. I already notice having more energy and not feeling sluggish or like I am tired all the time! The 10 day cleanse that I am doing is the one from AdvoCare and I am pretty impressed with it. I have never been one to jump on the new health kick of the year, but my friend/trainer Devon is a distributer and told me that she thought it would help me get a good start on cleansing my body and she was right! I highly recommend it if you are just trying to shed a few pounds! If you want to try any AdvoCare products or just wanting a personal trainer and someone to make you a meal plan, Devon is the girl for you! You can always reach her at! She is an amazing trainer! She is the one who got me into working out and was, and still is, my biggest inspiration.

So, to finish this up I thought I would share with you guys two of my favorite exercises and one of my favorite meals!


I LOVE squats. I am a big believer in them if you are trying to tone up your legs! My legs days usually consist of four different types of squats which are just your regular back squats, plie squats, one legged squats, and front squats. I don’t do these all of the time I change it up a bit, but these are just some of my favorite types of squats to do!

My second favorite exercise is probably triceps pushdowns! I love working out my triceps. I guess I love these so much because when I first started working out I could hardly do 20lbs and now I can knock out 80lbs like nothing. It is always a good feeling seeing results!


My favorite meal of all time would have to be lemon tilapia with rice and asparagus. I could eat tilapia all the time! If you are not a big fish person then you can always replace it with chicken! It is good either way.

Just remember that one good meal won’t make you healthy, just like one bad meal won’t make you fat. Being healthy is all about consistency! Also, be patient with yourself! Progress takes time and it isn’t all going to change in a day, a week, or even a month! Don’t give up on yourself so easy! You are a lot stronger than what you think!

Andrea Glenn



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